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Written Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed for new learners as well as more experienced caregivers.  It includes:

  • Easy to follow, color-coordinated sections which provide insight into a characteristic of dementia 

  • Discussion questions for group or individual consideration 

  • Practical and immediate actions for caregivers.

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Adults learn through a variety of mediums.  The Herb Written Curriculum focuses on specific areas of dementia care in a format that allows for thoughtful reflection on Herb the movie and the application of real life solutions to the learner's unique situation.

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Explore answers to the challenges or issues you are facing and learn new skills for adapting to them!

Video Curriculum

The video curriculum consists of 11 sections.  We follow along with the film as Jen offers helpful insights and practical approaches to redirect behaviors.  We cover many important topics in approaches to dementia care including redirection, caregiver tag-teaming, practical suggestions for exit-seeking as well as helpful advice on navigating family dynamics.

After having watched a short portion of Herb the film, Jen reviews some of what we've just seen in the film and begins to discuss "lack of inhibition" and "the ethical lie."

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