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Our Integrated Curriculum

There are five sections in the written curriculum.  Below is a page out of the section entitiled "Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Processing".  It is easy to follow the clear and direct wording
in the curriculum and implement it
into daily caregiving.


After each of the five sections of the written curriculum, there is a page of questions for reflection.  The first question will always relate to our own experiences.  Questions two and three will relate to Herb the film to broaden
our knowledge base.

Our video curriculum has 11 sections.  After watching a short portion of the film Herb, we listen in as Jen reviews core training components about each section.   A set of questions with areas for reflection are included for each of the 11 video sections.


These materials are licensed for private use only and any other use, in whole or in part, of the material is strictly prohibited.  For full details about your permitted, licensed use and renewable subscription agreement, please review the “Copyright License and Subscription Agreement” which may be found here.

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