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Jen Wilson

                     Jennifer Wilson lives in Boise, Idaho where she was raised. After living                         in several other states including Oregon, Washington, Michigan, and                           Florida, Jennifer made her way back to Boise in 2012.


                    Jennifer has enjoyed raising her three children who are now thriving                       adults. She is married to the love of her life, Bob, who continues to support                 her and to cheer her on to accomplish her many goals, including this                                 dementia curriculum.


                   Throughout her career, Jennifer has been an entrepreneur in every sense                of the word. She has started numerous programs and businesses including:

                    *  Curriculum for Spanish As a Second Language (adult and children)

                    *  An English as a Second Language program for Adult Education in                                Michigan

                    *  A wedding and special event décor business.


             Currently, Jennifer continues two businesses including her dementia                             consulting and a furniture refinishing business.


"I wish I could give a hug to every caregiver and family member for their continued hard work to take the best care of individuals who find themselves walking this path of dementia."

- Jen

Taylor Hildebrand

  Taylor Hildebrand is a Writer, Director, Editor and Producer.  He started        Shining Light Studios as a way to tell stories that shine a light on                people and places that deserve to be told.  That brought him to             Herb.  How Dementia is understood, or the lack of understanding, is what Taylor wanted to showcase: the way the person with dementia sees the world and the real impact it has on the loved ones and caretakers around them. 

Starting in 2021, Taylor worked closely with Jen to write a script that  developed a grounded and fully explored short film depicting an older man suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer's who believed he was still in his 30s. 


   Taylor produced and directed the Short in Vancouver, Canada.  He            hopes that with the tools of filmaking, there can be a greater empathy and knowledge of Dementia and its effects on so many around the world.

"I started Shining Light Studios as a way to tell stories that shine a light on people and places that deserve to be told.  Herb is one of those stories.  I wanted to showcase the way the person with dementia see the world, and the real impact it has on the loved ones and caretakers around them.
~ Taylor Hildebrand, Filmmaker

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"Having worked with Jen for 5 years, I can attest to the quality of dementia training she provides.  Her approach to dementia care and training is unique and effective.  She allows the person living with dementia to feel valued while adding to their quality of life.  The way she approaches the family/ spouses/ caregivers is with great respect, empathy and compassion.  I'm thrilled so many others will have the opportunity to learn from Jen!"

A loving daughter

"When my mother was first diagnosed with dementia, I had so many questions about what to expect in terms of progression of the disease and best options for her care.  Jennifer gave me professional, compassionate answers.  It's frightening to hear the term dementia used to describe a loved one, but Jennifer eased some of my fears by educating me on what to expect."

A Doting Husband

"Without reservation I found my time spent with Jen to be invaluable in orienting me to the reality of my wife living apart from me in a memory care unit.  I learned how to optimize my relationship and interactions with her."

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