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Film Synopsis

What would you do if you suddenly looked up from the work you were doing and didn't know where you were, what time it was, or who anyone was in the room?

Meet Herb.  Herb has led a happy and productive life as an aeronautical engineer.  He has one beautiful daughter, and loves people deeply.  Herb has always been known as even-tempered and kind.  But now, Herb is suffering from Alzheimer's.

We see Herb in the first half of this film as he sees himself: a mid-30's, successful aeronautical engineer with an assistant wo is always running late.  His daughter is in elementary school and he believes he has a very full calendar of appointments.


In the second half of the film, we see Herb as he really is:  a 65 year-old man suffering from Alzheimer's, who has sudden outbursts but forgets them quickly.  He wishes for his daughter to visit and loves chocolate cake.


Throughout the film we witness:

  • Behavioral approaches by caregivers on how to redirect residents as needed.

  • How to approach family members who might be grieving or are upset.

  • Therapeutic lies in order to diffuse confusion and agitation.

By using these methods, this film helps us see how to potentially reduce medications and elevate the quality of life for an individual who has dementia.  It cover topics such as caregiver tag-teaming, activities for redirection, therapeutic lies, exit-seeking behaviors, and many others.


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